Yas Uykusu (English translation)

English translation

Sleep of Mourning

It was a possibilty, and it's gone
I've lost my mind compeletely
Though, still the one I miss the most is not anyone but you
You're at ease anyway, nobody will ask any question to you
Now all we've left behind is trapped in boxes
May the time surround, without screaming
That one who cries inside of me
All that remains to me from that anger, my open wound
I need to wake up, from this sleep of mourning
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Yas Uykusu

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ustasli    Mon, 06/08/2018 - 10:44

It was a possibilty, I've missed it: yanlis olmamis ancak tam sarkidaki anlami vermemis bence. Belki It was a possibilty, and gone. denilebilirdi ya da vanished vs.

You're set at ease anyway, "Setting at ease" rahatlatmak yatistirmak manasina geliyor, "you are at ease, anyway" daha dogru olurdu, rahattasin, icin rahat manasinda.

Elinize saglik. Guzel bir ceviri olmus.

kertenkelesuratli    Mon, 06/08/2018 - 18:48

teşekkürler, haklısın bu şekilde daha iyi durdu sanırım