優しい感動 〜エモーション〜 (Yasashii Kandou (Emotion)) (English translation)

優しい感動 〜エモーション〜

”ママになった... 娘もいる”…と
不思議に 湧いてくる
優しい 感動
心の中のスナップ写真 探し出す
キラキラしてたね 青春がそのまま
昼下がりの カルチェラタン
久しぶりの顔 どこか少し違うの
フェイス・パレットは 大人色 ヒロイン
※微笑んで ひとりひとりが
失恋パーティー あの日の事忘れない
笑いとばされた だけどいい友達
※ repeat
それぞれ 変わるけど
十年後の 同じ日に
もしも 会えたなら
”子供達の事 忘れましょ”なんてね
笑ってるかしら…… 今日と
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A gentle emotion

If someone starts the conversation with
"I've got a child, and she's a girl",
A gentle emotion
Mysteriously comes flowing into me
And it begins to shuffle through the snapshots inside my heart
Of younger days that were twinkling as they always were
At early afternoon, in the Latin Quarter
I was sat on a meeting bench
And being amazed at the story I was told
I even forgot that it was time for class
A part of that face I haven't seen for years looks a little different
The palette of that face looks like a mature heroine
Everybody smiles one by one
And it's so fantastic! So dramatic!
It's as if I've been shoved into a film
I'll never forget the day of my pity party
People laughed at me, but I had my best friends with me
※ repeat
I'm sure the meaning of happiness
Changes with each new decade
But if we had met on the same day
Except a decade later
I wonder if I'd be laughing
Saying something like "Let's forget about the kids"
In the same way I would today
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