Yaylanın Çimenine (English translation)

English translation

Onto the grass of the meadow

I sat down two hours onto the grass on the meadow
A pensiveness has taken over me; there is neither tobacco nor paper
What has happened to you, o mind? Where have you dived off to?
You cannot replace the one you loved with anyone else
The morning breeze hit me, mixed with rain
My sorrowful eyes are used to becoming wet
O smoke, black smoke, you are crying out of worry for me
Bring me to my beloved darling, take me by my arms!
Whom would I tell of my sorrows, if you got fed up and left?
I, too, would have liked to laugh, o may my eyes not well up
I shall curse, may your spring water dry up
Just tell me, what path should a lover take?
What beautiful water has the grass on the other side
I am singing songs1 of my sorrows, strangers know how capricious (s)he is
I lay down on the grass of the meadow, and could not sleep
Darling, I could not love anyone else but you
  • 1. Türkü refers to traditional folkloric songs of Turkey
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Yaylanın Çimenine

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