يا قلبي (Yea Qalbe) (English translation)

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O, my heart

Oh, my heart who is preoccupied with her love
As long as they do not want us 1, why we care?!
Why do we 2 walk after them and hope for their satisfaction
Oh, my heart, why do we ask about them 3?!
O, my heart...Oh, my heart
They loved us with their desires; they said they want us
They spoke sweetly and jokingly with laughter
They taught us how to love and increased one extra dose of love
When we fell in love with them, they went and left us
O, my heart...Oh, my heart
They spoke to us by sweetest love talks, made us sleepless at night
Your pulse increases my heart after you were a normal 4
My heart was deceived by their love
Have mercy on the old days, when we are normal.
O, my heart...Oh, my heart
  • 1. us= mean here himself+ his heart
  • 2. we= mean here himself+ his heart
  • 3. them= mean here who's love her + her heart
  • 4. normal= mean normal life without care about love matters.
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يا قلبي (Yea Qalbe)

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