Ajda Pekkan - Yeni Tek (English translation)

English translation

Alone again

I know he won’t come back
Becoming a sparkle his fire burned in my chest
He took me away from me and left
I know he won’t come back
Tonight can the heart alone again bear it?
It thinks the pain will never stop
Tonight alone again
Alone this heart
Its wounded pain will never stop
Our inside gets in fire all time, our tears won’t speak
Being in love this soul once gets offended and then reconciles
Don’t ask how this soul is, it consoles in this way
It cannot stand offended and gets reconciled soon.
I understood this time there is no end, it is over.
He shut my door and left
I know he won’t ever come back
Submitted by Lux_Orbis on Tue, 15/01/2013 - 09:54
Added in reply to request by virginiayoussef
Author's comments:

The lyrics given here in Turkish do not reflect the original version. Albeit I submitted the translation based on the given version of it not considering the original.

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