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용미리 가는 길(The way to Yong-Mi-Ri) (yongmili ganeun gil) (English translation)

용미리 가는 길(The way to Yong-Mi-Ri)

상곡 이기운
용미리 가는 길에는 가을 색이
완연 했고, 잎들은 갈색이 되기 시작했네.
언덕과 계곡으로 멀지 않으니, 도시 거리와
시내에서 멀리 떨어지지 않았네.
산등성이는 넓은 땅을 부드럽게
감싸고, 태양빛은 부드럽게 빛나고.
여기 저기, 제단 위에는 국화가
놓인 채, 퇴색된 모양으로 시들어 가고 있었네.
잠자리들은 가을 바람 따라 날고 있었고,
나는 무덤 사이에 서서 바라보고 있었다.
그들의 비상은 내게 무언가를 알려주며, 무언가
일종의 내 남은 인생에 대한 사랑을 날개 짓에서 알려 주었네.
내 젊은 날, 시립 묘지 가는 길이 무서웠으나
옛날이고, 지금은 아니었네.
묘지 길은 아마 먼 거리가 아니기 때문이었을 것이고.
돌아오는 길에 열매들은 손짓하며… 안녕!
Submitted by Kinsley LeeKinsley Lee on 2022-10-01
English translationEnglish (metered, poetic, rhyming)
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The way to Yong-Mi-Ri

Kinsley Lee
It’s full of autumn tints on the way
To the Yong-Mi-Ri, the leaves began to brown.
To the hills and vales it’s not long, the way
Was off the city streets and town.
The ridges surrounded the open fields
In softly and the sunlight shined in warm.
Here and there, on the altars, the goldfields
Were put and withered but bleached form.
The dragonflies were flying as the autumn winds.
I was standing between the tombs, and was seeing
Their flying, and it filled me something, some kinds
Of Love to my left life, by the fluttering.
In my young days, I felt the fear on the way
To the Municipal Cemetery, in old days but not now.
To the cemetery, maybe it’s not long the way,
On retuning the fruits were waving. Ciao!
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This is a poetic translation - deviations from the meaning of the original are present (extra words, extra or omitted information, substituted concepts).
Submitted by Kinsley LeeKinsley Lee on 2022-10-01
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