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夜の嘘と (Yoru no uso to) (English translation)

  • Artist: Keiko (窪田啓子)
  • Song: 夜の嘘と (Yoru no uso to)
  • Translations: English, Transliteration


一人 夜を 見上げて あなた思い描いて
聞いて 心 泣いてる あなたをまだ求めて
本当は悲しくたって 大丈夫なの 本当よ
長い長い夜の端へと 心は落ちていくの
暗い時の中 あなたの温もりを探してる ずっと
きっと いつか あの日の 夢を叶えたいと
もしも いつか あの日を やり直せるのならば
知れないから 今では
あなたの心の中に 私はもういないでしょう?
去りゆくあなたの背中 それさえも愛してる
心に残した陽だまりは あの時の風と同じで
優しいあなたの様に いつまでも感じて
一人 夜に 涙を 流すの
私の心に響く この愛をどうすればいい?
いつかのあなたの笑顔 いつまでも消えないで ずっと
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With the Night's Lies

All alone, I look up at the night, thinking of you.
Listen, my heart is crying, still longing for you.
If this lie is one I tell my heart
for the sake of your future,
then it's okay for me to be sad, it's true.
My heart is falling to the edge of this long, long night.
I search for your warmth within my darkest times, forever...
If I could do that day over again someday,
I'm sure I'll be able to fulfil that day's dream I had someday.
I love your past,
it'll stay in my heart for eternity.
I want to know what your future looks like,
but I can't know, so now...
I'm not in your heart anymore, am I?
I'll even love your back as you leave me
The sunlight left in my heart is just like the wind that blew back then.
It'll always feel gentle, just like you do.
All alone, I let my tears fall in the night.
What should I do with this love that echoes within my heart?
Your smile from that day will stay unfading, forever and ever.
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Submitted by youturnitintolightyouturnitintolight on 2022-09-24
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