you and yours

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Meanings of "you and yours"


You and your family members, close friends, and the people you care about most.

Often used in some variation in a greeting:
"Best wishes to you and yours."
"May you and yours enjoy the holiday season."

Explained by Sarah Rose on Sat, 09/02/2019 - 03:26
Explained by Sarah Rose

"you and yours" in lyrics

Juanes - My plans are to love you

I don't know where to begin
we're silent
and I'm getting cold, no
my planes are to love you

Alessandra Amoroso - Pure Love

That I’m filled with is huge
But I’m not afraid of the damage
My soul was delivered to you, only you and yours remains

Alex Campbell - Will You Not Come Back Again?

Though poor, and poorer, we might be.
Money cannot buy the heart (loyalty).
Yes that beats for you and yours.

N.W.A. - Gangsta Gangsta

"It's not about a salary, it's all about reality"
Gangsta, Gangsta!
"He'll fuck up you and yours, and anything that gets in his way"

Nach - Free Love

And today I sing to love,
to crazy love,
Love of mine for you, and yours for another one
Love of encounter

Xzibit - X

Yeah, ladies and gentleman
Broadcasting live to you and yours
It's Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit

Frank Sinatra - The Christmas Waltz

And this song of mine
In three quarter time
Wishes you and yours
and everyone

Tyler Ward - What Its Like To Be Lonely

Wondering if I exist anymore
If I say something and I started a fight
Between you and yours, yeah I'll act so surprised
Surprised, surprised

Kendrick Lamar - PRIDE.

My feelings might go numb, you're dealing with cold thumb
I'm willing to give up a leg and arm and show empathy from
Pity parties and functions and you and yours
A perfect world, you probably live another 24

Hins Cheung - One day

To watch sun rises and rests each day.
But beware my heart keeps no distance from you.
Mine beats for you and yours for me.

Harald Foss - Rollo

Then they met the king of the franks
If you want to stay in the land
Shall you and yours have the land
Sovereignty forever.

She & Him - The Christmas Waltz

Every song you hear seems to say
Merry Christmas may your New Year's dreams come true
And this song of mine In three quarter time wishes you and yours the same thing, too

Jannat - Ask an experienced

Ask an experienced and everybody
Who gets better and who suffers from separation

Before breaking up with me, ask an experienced

Kidz Bop Kids - Say Hey (I Love You)

This one goes out to you and yours

I say, hey, I'll be gone today

Wolfgang - Arise

And fear is my staff
And I will come
To take you and yours away!

Dead Man's Bones - Buried in water

The walls there and the skin of the sheep
So lock all the windows and doors
The devil's coming for you and yours

Yelawolf - Sky's The Limit

He worked his ass off at the mill and then he opened up a store
Both of my granddaddies fought a war
So I can say what I'm sayin' in this record for you and yours

DDT - Kiosk

Beauty is here, you my dear,
It's not reachable, not easy,
We are watching you and yours,
drinking from hangover near the kiosk.

Elbow - This Blue World

A sober midnight wish
Flies over the roofs and down through the years
Would that you and yours are sleeping
Safe and warm in size formation

Majida El Roumi - For A Long Time

But for my bad luck in love, time did not bring us together
We were children, the son and daughter of neighbors
When my heart leaned to you and yours turned away
For a long time and you have been in my heart, for a long time