Andy Lau - You Are My Woman (你是我的女人) (English translation)


You Are My Woman (你是我的女人)

你是我的女人 (粵)
六月六日沒有風的凌晨 街裡途人紛紛
木納站在漸褪色的人群 聽不到情人聲音
無奈我默認緣份 明白和你不可變真
留住你一吻 於心
從未最相襯 是恨
未會敢抱著情人 來深深的再一吻
十月六日是你的生辰 給你遙遙一吻 oh baby
淡淡味道在你家中無人 知道你仍然單身
原諒我自覓遺憾 其實和你不可以分
門外再一吻 芳心
原是最相襯 極合襯
願再可抱著情人 來深深的再一吻
無人肯 將心愛讓 讓別人
深深去熱吻 無盡往後下沉
男人 不懂得去分
誰人可一世接近 才無形遺害女人
留住你一吻 於心
從未最相信 是恨
未會敢抱著情人 情深的一吻 woo
錯了錯了愛人 抹去了你的傷痕
愛你會到永恆 盼每個你的生辰
可抱著情人 來深深的再一吻
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English translation

You Are My Woman

You are my woman (Oh...)
June 6th a morning without wind, people streaming by in the streets
Standing among the gradually subsiding crowd, can't hear my sweetheart's voice
It's no wonder, I was the devil's reincarnate that day
Brutally fragmenting your heart
Helpless I give in to affinity, knowing what I have with you will never be real
It'll only be two hearts struggling all through our lives
I'll keep your kiss, in mind
Change the way I love my woman
Never has there been greater contrast, with hate
I dare not hug my sweetheart, and kiss her deeply once more
June 10th is your birthday, I give you a kiss from afar, oh baby
The faint hint that in your home there is nobody, I know you still remain single
This woman who stays hopeful in the story
As softhearted as she is regrets being so brutal
Forgive my self-regret, the truth is I shouldn't have left you
I worry about you so much
Another kiss outside the door, affection
Change the way I love my woman
Fate is the greatest contrast and the closest fit
I wish I could hold my sweetheart again, and kiss her deeply once more
No one is willing, to let their beloved go, go to someone else
To kiss you deeply and fervently, no limit from hereon to sink down
Men don't know how to separate
They let anyone get close to them, and unwittingly hurt their women
I'll keep your kiss, in mind
Change the way I love my woman
Never has there been greater belief, in hate
I dare not not hug my sweetheart, nor kiss her passionately woo
When you've wronged your beloved, wipe away your scars
If I could come back and be by your side in this life
I would love you until forever, look forward to your every birthday
And I would hold my sweetheart and kiss her deeply once more
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