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You can't save everyone (Finnish translation)

  • Artist: Heart's medicine; Doctor's oath (GOST)
  • Song: You can't save everyone Album: Heart's medicine; Doctor's oath (GOST)

You can't save everyone

I've been through a lot
Trying to heal a broken heart
It still hurts
It still hurts
And I wasn't really sure that I'd
Ever find a cure in time
But I learned
Yeah, I learned
That you can't save everyone
You can't save everyone
You can't save everyone
But I will always try to
I will always try to
You can't save...
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Et voi pelastaa jokaista

Oon kokenut mä paljon
kun sydäntäni korjasin
silti sattuu
sattuu edelleen
enkä ollut ihan varma hoidon löytäisinkö ajallaan
mut opin taas
opin uskomaan
et voi jokaista pelastaa
et voi pelastaa jokaista
et voi jokaista pelastaa
mutta yritän aina
ja lupaan yrittää aina
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