Yuri - Ya no vives en mí (English translation)


Ya no vives en mí

Cual adios, donde ni siquiera hubo afecto
ni respeto, menos amor
yo solo soy la cuerda donde secas tus sueños mojados
al calor del pecado
Por eso cual dolor
donde la pena tiene por morada
un corazón, sin mí corazón
después de tantas lagrimas lloradas quedarme sin tí
es haber perdido nada
Si piensas que sin ti voy a morir
hace tiempo que tu, ya no vives en mí
Si piensa que me vas a ver doblada
para mí corazón solo es un descalabro
La tempestad, pasara
y al despertar
solamente seras una pringa de lluvia.
Poreso cual adios
hace tanto tiempo que te fuiste
mí corazón te despidio
después de tantas lagrimas lloradas, quedarme sin tí
es haber perdido nada
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English translation

You're not in my heart anymore*

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Why farewell,
where there was no affection,
nor respect; much less love?.
I'm just the rope
where you hang your drenched dreams,
beneath the heat of sin.1
Therefore, what of the pain
in which sorrow dwells?
a heart without mine,
after all the tears I've cried,
having lost you means I've lost nothing.
If you think that I'm going to die without you,
it's been a long time since you've dwelt in me
if you think you'll see me doubled over,
my heart is just a setback,
the storm will pass, and when I awaken,
you'll just be a light drizzle.
Therefore, why farewell?
it's been so long since you've left,
my heart has said its farewell,
after all the tears I've cried,
having lost you means I've lost nothing.
[Chorus x2]
  • 1. the drenched dreams are like the clothes one hangs on a line and is dried by the heat of the sun (in this case, the sun is the sin).
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Author's comments:

*= I changed the title because she means that she no longer holds any kind of affection for him nor relevance now that he's gone. The previous translation was 'You no longer dwell in me' but that's too literal and somewhat confusing.