Djavan - Dou-não-dou (English translation)

English translation

Your Yes, Then Your No

You make me suffer
And tell me that crying
Never hurt anyone
I want see, honey
When you will
Want to grow up
Can't you see that
There won't be anyone but you for me
And if there will be
It'll be a madness
Reconsider it and tell me
You want to be my valentine
Blessed creature
And we make love
When it has
To happen
If I desire you
Therefore I can wait
That I will see someday
The beast purring
In sweetness
Then, maybe
We can make it
Then maybe we can go after the explosion
Of come-here-darling
Your yes, then your no
You'll fall in love
The time passes and love gets bigger
And everything
Become too much
And the sensation
Of living together
With the pain
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