Yue Lao (月老) (English translation)


Yue Lao (月老)

你爱就爱 何必知道
你问天 天会老
我喜欢就去 喜欢到老
就算是痛 我也会笑
月老他也看不到 他听不到
我猜 他早已经把我们忘掉
啊... 月老他看不到 他听不到
别等到年老 才发现我的好
昨夜梦里 我看到月老
他要我劝你 好好思考
到底在世间上 谁会是对你最好
对你最好 呜...
原来他看得到 他听得到
啊... 月老他看得到
他听得到 告诉我 爱是那么微妙
冥冥中我俩 一个都不能少
月老他看得到 他听得到
他祈祷我俩 一个都不能少
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English translation


If you love, then love-- why must you know?
Calculating affinity is not important
You ask, "But I'll grow older day by day..." *
If I like you, I'll like you until we're old
Completely using up all of my merits
To substitute all of your faults
Because of you, I can't sleep
Falling into accidentally-planned traps
Even if it's difficult, I won't run away
I've set out on a road that doesn't return
I won't kneel down to beg the Matchmaker for mercy
Even if it's painful, I'll still laugh
The Matchmaker can't see us, he can't hear us
He's so busy he can't answer your prayers
I'd guess that already forgot us long ago
The Matchmaker can't see us, he can't hear us
Your must go find your own happiness
Don't wait until you're old before you realize my merits
Last night, in my dreams, I saw the Matchmaker
He wanted me to urge you to consider carefully
Who on this world would be best for you,
best for you?
It turns out he could see us, he could hear us
We needed to rely on each other's hearts **
So, he can't bear to tear us apart
The Matchmaker can see us, he can hear us
He told me that love is that subtle
Inperceptibly but inexorably, we two could not be one less
The Matchmaker can see us, he can hear us
He's willing to keep praying for me
He prays that we two will not be one less
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Author's comments:

The asterisks are where I disagree with the original translator, and put my suggestions here:
* you ask heaven, heaven will grow old
** both our hearts need something to rely on