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Yuh! Yuh! (English translation)

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Boo! Boo!

From afar or at close range, don't boo me
If I ever looked at you the way you looked at me, then boo
If I looked polite to the humans
but brought the people of God down, then boo
Boo Boo to the robbers
To the ones who are full after robbing and fleeing
To the ones who murder people
Boo to the ones who abide their ego, boo
I'm not a hodja (preacher), I didn't make an amulet
I'm not a hadji (pilgrim), I didn't tour in Arabia
I didn't support the powerful and smash the weak
If I ever obeyed to the crooked, then boo
The ones who assume the right of all these folks
Who fool them and enjoy a lot
The ones who became judges don't need a degree
If I ever crashed the head of the guiltless, my friend, then boo
What do "sir", "mister" and "worker" mean?
Is robbing the poor ever proper to the maturity?
If I ever saw bribery as a right
And ever cheated every moment and denied, then boo
I am a human, the nobleness starts from me
A break for the nobles, an end for the mister
If ever humanity gets into trouble
And if I ever got tired of assisting it, then boo
Boo boo
If I'm like this, boo boo
If you're like this, boo boo
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Yuh! Yuh!

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