Tina Karol - Zachem ya znayu (Зачем я знаю) (English translation)

English translation

Why do I know

Why do I know what I know - it would be easier
If you kept on fooling me
But easier and better are different things.
Sometimes you cant see breaches on irreparably broken parts.
It was the case when it seems that
Even God can not make the more beautiful couple
With such illusion all perfection faded
But we forgot about reality.
You thought you ll get away with it and your lies wont be opened
But uneasy conscience betrays itself
And now I know what I know, its unnecessary -
Go to hell with your explanation, you are making me angry with it
Go, stay, fade away,
Come back, go away,
I cant be without you,
I cant love you!
Don't tell me anything, lie me one more time,
Confess everything!
I cant stay without your voice,
I cant forgive you.
Its not what I made up, of course you can explain everything,
You said so strong, so new, so artlessly,
What the eloquence, wow,
Mr. Truth (likelihood), you ve never been so convincing.
Must be so sad to be the victim of horrible coincidence,
When all things around are telling about your betrayal,
But you didn't do it? Of course you didn't -
Please deliver me from all this bull shit
You thought you ll get away with it but you will not,
You started this game for nothing and you were caught like a fool!
Now I know what I know, and its painful -
Why did do like that to me, what should I do now with you?
All these happened not to me,
It must be someone's nightmare,
No-no, there is no one else,
Its only me and him!
All these happened not to me,
It must be someone's nightmare!
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Zachem ya znayu (Зачем я знаю)

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