Hari Mata Hari - Zaigra srce moje (English translation)


Zaigra srce moje

I zaluta ljeto u jesenje dane
ponekad, ko nekad kad moja si bila
a zivot nas slomi ko suhe grane
i beskraj nas nosi ko plavog mora sila
Al' dan po dan, sve kraci je san
mrak po mrak, ko drag oziljak
uspomenu nosim daleku
o jednoj zeni i covjeku
Ref. 2x
Zaigra srce moje
pa se pita da l' ce ikad tvoje
ljubav znati za ljubav da mu vrati
I zaluta ljeto u jesenje dane
a sve smo dalji svakim jutrom i satom
a mladost u nama tek ponekad plane
sjeti na dane protkane zlatom
A svijet ko svijet, sve o nama zna
i kako sam ja na putu do dna
ti lijepa i sretna ko nikad
prezime mijenjas i grad
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English translation

My heart begins to play

And the summer loses itself in the days of autumn
sometimes, as you were once mine
life instead breaks us like dry branches
and without ending the constaint carries us like the blue ocean
But day by day, the dream is more and more shorter
night by night, like a likely scar
i carry the memory far away
about one woman and a man
Ref. 2x
My heart begins to play
and it asks itself if it will know to give your love for love back
And the summer loses itself in the days of autumn
but we are more and more afield from eachother, every morning and hour
and youth in us only begins to fall down
[youth]remembers the days inwrought with gold
But how world is, it knows everything about us
and how i'm on the way to the ground
you, beautiful an happy as never before
changing your last name and your residence (city)
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