Şebnem Ferah - Zaman Geçip Gidiyor (English translation)

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Time is Passing By

before having the knowledge,
we became full of ideas.
we became the bullets in a gun
that a pair of hands hold somewhere.
Before owning pens,
we girded ourselves with swords
Instead of living and making others live
we both died and became killers
Antes de tener lapiceras,
we have eyes but
as long as we don´t want to see
we have hearts, but as long as we don´t feel...
As how much it is possible
to swim without getting wet,
As how much it is possible
to play with fire without getting burnt
When there is a chance to live inside
to be just tangent to the world
So, it seems to me like that
Because time is passing by
when there is a chance
to feel somebody´s hand in your palms
we became afraid of
holding tight, loving and trusting
It was not enough to close the doors
we pulled down the shutters
with a small padlock
we protected human from human evil
we have time but
as soon as we continue being afraid
we have soul, before we give it up...
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Zaman Geçip Gidiyor

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