Zamooneh - زمونه (English translation)

  • Artist: Ali Zibaei (Takta) (علی زیبایی - تکتا)
  • Song: Zamooneh - زمونه
  • Translations: English

Zamooneh - زمونه

تو بند این زمین دلم عجب گرفتاری شده
همرنگ مردمش شدن این روزا اجباری شده
خسته ام از اونایی که
این روزا به کامشونه
زیر نقاب رنگیشون
گرگ زمونه پنهونه
اونا که به حرف دروغ
زبونو وادار میکنن
چه راحت حقیق تو
دروغی انکار میکنن
زمونه سازتو کوک کن
تا دلم باهاش برقصه
که تموم آرزوهام
توی چنگال تو حبسه
آی کاش نباشم ببینم
شب عزیز مردم بشه
که خوب و بد آدماش
توی سیاهی گم بشه
کاش یکی از راه برسه
رگ دروغ و بزنه
یه روز بیاد طلسم
دنیای فریب و بشکنه
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Our Age

Look how my heart is so badly captivated by the rope of this earth,
To go with the flow of its people has become something mandatory nowadays,
I'm fed up with those
Whose palate benefits from nowadays' situation,
And our age's wolf,
Is hidden under their colorful mask,
Those who force the tongue,
To tell lies,
How easily they deny
The truth falsely,
O our age, tune your instrument (enjoy yourself),
So that my heart dance with it,
'Cause all my dreams (wishes),
Are captivated in your claw,
I wish I will not survive to see,
A dark night be endeared by the people,
That its people's good and bad acts,
Be lost in the dark,
I wish someone would arrive,
To cut the vein of the lie,
And to arrive to break,
The talisman of the deceit and cheating in the world.
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