Zaten Kırılmış Bir Kızsın (English translation)

  • Artist: Bağzıları
  • Song: Zaten Kırılmış Bir Kızsın
  • Translations: English
  • Requests: Croatian, Serbian
English translationEnglish

already you are a broken girl

like a crazy bad hat
i am getting lost
anymore you instead of a flower
i want to pick
here is i got off stage
i am kissing from your mounth
i have lost all
do not touch me never
let me insert their system
whereas i do not like you, society makes it legitimate
and your go makes me byword, my dear
already you are a broken girl
a beaten hunt
i have lost all
do not touch me never
let me insert their system
i want to see your shoes is my door's in front of
because this, because this
means making i love you's mark
you don't belive they pitched a provincial
it is looking at us same
my half is singing Asaf Halet
my other half is factory
i think it was nesessary writing a poem with some pens
today today i am learning a new empire
heavy like bread
a new empire
for example he liquated Gül turns horses poet
Arabic is saying Mediterranean, i
i am returning you from the mirror
from the mirror
it does not turn from me
i have lost all
do not touch me never
let me insert their system
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Zaten Kırılmış Bir Kızsın

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callmevilgcallmevilg    Wed, 17/07/2019 - 15:29

Hello, I think you should check your translation. The sentences can be true according to any translation applications but some sentences which you translated don't make any sense.
For example: Arapça Akdeniz diyor ben, actually we can count it as "Arapça Akdeniz diyorum" and maybe you can translate like "I'm saying Mediterranean in Arabic" I don't know, but I believe you can improve yourself.

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