Ammar Shammaa - Zay Enaharda زي النهاردة (English translation)


Zay Enaharda زي النهاردة

زي النهاردة
نورت الدنيا دي و اتغيرت
و الشمس ضحكت في السماء
يوم لما شفت روحي انا
اما القمر غار و انكسف
اصل جمالها ما يتوصف
و هييجي ايه فيها القمر
ده لو في يوم جيه جمبها
نورها يا ناس و ضيها
حيخلي نورك يا قمر
كانه وهم وانتهى
زي النهاردة من كام سنة
يوم ما تقابلنا انت و انا
فجأة انكتبلي اني ابقى ليك
و انت تكون ليا الهنا
زي النهاردة احلى يوم
يوم مانطفت كل الهموم
عوضتني عن اللي فات
ولمست وياك النجوم
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English translation

Like Today

On a day like today
The whole world was lit up and changed
And the sun smiled in the sky
It was the day I saw my darling and my soul
The moon however waned and was shy
Because her beauty is beyond description
The moon can't even compare to her
If it was to be next to her one day
Her light and luminescence
would make the moonlight look like
an illusion that is gone and done for
On a day like this a couple of years ago
And on the day you and I met
It suddenly became my fate to be yours
And for you to become my bliss
A day like today was the sweetest day
It's a day when all burdens were put out
And you've given me what compensates me for all the past
And I touched the stars with you
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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