Better Life Team - Zayak Mafeesh (زيك مفيش) (English translation)


Zayak Mafeesh (زيك مفيش)

بين ايديك يا ربي
بالاقي كل الحماية
ضاع من عمري واخاف من ايه
طول ما انت معايا
زيك مفيش بالحب يملك عرش القلوب
ويسود جمالك فينا رغم العيوب
لما أقرب منك باتغير
بابقى احلى بيك
بتظهر فى و باكبر فيك
و المجد يرجع اليك
انت بتملك قلبي يا ربي
و بتدينى قيمة
حياتى معاك ليها معنى تانى
وحبك بيملاني
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English translation

No one Like You

When I'm in Your hands, oh, my God
I find all protection
Time was wasted from my life but what could I possibly fear
as long as You are with me?
There is no one like You, who can own the throne of all hearts
And Your beauty reigns in us despite our flaws
When I get closer to You, I change
I become more beautiful with you
You manifest Yourself in me and I grow in You
And the glory is Yours
You own my heart, oh, my God
You give me value
My life with You has true meaning
And Your love fills me
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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