Zeal and Ardor lyrics

Blood in the RiverEnglish
Devil Is Fine (track 08)
Children's SummonEnglish
Devil Is Fine (track 05)
Come On DownEnglish
Devil Is Fine (track 04)
Devil Is FineEnglish
Devil Is Fine (track 01)
Gravedigger's ChantEnglish
In AshesEnglish
Devil Is Fine (track 02)
What Is a Killer Like You Gonna Do Here?English
Devil Is Fine (track 09)
Zeal and Ardor transcription requests
Waste English 
Servants English 
Ship On Fire English 
Row Row English 
Bury my body English 
Are You Alright? English 
We Can't Be Found English 
Baphomet English 
Balkan Beast English 
Don't You Dare English