中产阶级 (zhōng chǎn jiē jí) (English translation)

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Middle Class

My burden so heavy, my shoulders so sore
Carrying my reputation, I wander among the crowds
My vision so high, my power so weak
I fall on the ground when no one sees me
My bed so large, but I can't fall asleep well
I'm afraid of being forgotten after some night
My ambition so much, my salary so little
I lost direction on the asphalt roads in Taipei
No one cares about my troubles
Everyone minds only his wallet
I often drink cola eating burger
On which the emptiness and hunger in me can't feed
Am I destined to die as an ordinary?
My life is always lukewarm to me
Should I abandon the ability of thinking,
So that I could live better?
Could I live better with a broken brain?
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Isaiah Chen

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中产阶级 (zhōng chǎn jiē jí)

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