Zirichiltaggia (Baddu tundu) (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Zirichiltaggia (Baddu tundu) 5 translations
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The lizard place (Baddu tundu)

Out of what dad left us,
you took the best part for yourself,
the red hill and the cork oaks,
the grey cows and the big bull
and you left me stones, shrubs and lizards.
But you kept the creek and the house,
and everything it contained,
the pear trees and the vegetable garden.
Six months after I left
[the vegetable garden] looked like a bombed graveyard.
You left and went to live with the bourgeois,
and your wife bosses you around
and you wasted all of dad's money
on sweets, medications and newspapers,
your son is only four and he already wears glasses.
My wife lives like a great lady
and my son knows more than a thousand words.
Your wife milks cows all day long,
and your daughters are covered in mud and manure
they can only marry the poor servant of a shepherd.
When you left for military service you cried like a baby
and it was your brother who saved you from your lovers' fathers.
If you are as brave now as you were back then,
we'll meet in the town square to see who's got the hardest head.
In the meantime, put your face in my ass.
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Zirichiltaggia (Baddu tundu)

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