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Znojde Cį [Show Yourself] (Kuyavian) (English translation)

  • Artist: Non/Disney Fandubs Featuring artist: Magdalena Barszczewska
  • Song: Znojde Cį [Show Yourself] (Kuyavian)

Znojde Cį [Show Yourself] (Kuyavian)

Znojde cį
Jok nikdy jam hardo
Muc pcho mie, w twe ramiuno
Tu tyś to, no co czykom jo
Coły żywot
Łodpowiedz mie
I ni tej sį jusz tom
Submitted by SkribblSkribbl on 2022-01-22
Submitter's comments:

This song is in Kuyavian.

English translationEnglish
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I'll Find You

I'll find you!
I'm strong like never before!
My power pushes me into your embrace!
You're what I've been waiting for
All my life!
Answer me!
Don't hide there anymore!
Submitted by EclipseTheNightRainWingEclipseTheNightRainWing on 2022-08-13
Author's comments:

The translation is taken directly from the english subtitles of the video.

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