Obe-Rek - Zolotaya rybka (Золотая рыбка) (English translation)

English translation


He was stubbornly trying to catch the goldfish,
Carelessly throwing a net into his soul,
He took the accords and pieces of words
In order to make it hurt, to make it better
He did not sleep at night and smoked his doubts,
Took them out of the package and put out the
Cigarette butts in verses - And dream-poems mixed with the ashes, and questions were warming themselves at the stove of answers, at the stove...
Live has left us with gum wrappers
We are fanatical madmen,
But we are closer
Than brothers, nearer than soldiers
Under sniper fire...
Our pain was foretold in autumn,
And this role was not touched by grey hair,
And his salt and the word that he told you
Saved you under close fire...
Saved you...
He went on stage and spat at smiles,
Tore clothes into pieces and poor nerves,
He was stubbornly catching the goldfish
In order to make it hurt, to make it right
He painted the strings red, swearing with sense,
And rainy slush blossomed on his body
And it was screaming in his chest, somewhere very near,
So that someone there wanted to start crying,
Wanted to start crying...
In order to become happy for one moment,
So that that fish got into the torn net,
He threw the stones of a dream-poem at them,
He was swearing and spiting at smiles
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Zolotaya rybka (Золотая рыбка)

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