Kazem Al-Saher - Zur Marratan (زر مرّةً) (English translation)

English translation

Visit for once

For once visit whom already became yours1
And spread your wings on me.
My heart is prepared for you. Just get closer2
You know (well) where you dwell.
Your way is furnished in roses
3They told me, whispering, that they won't hurt you.
I prayed for God to make you yearn, O, my tormentor
to make you yearn
Take off, my love 4 5
It's a crime of scarf to cover your neck
Just sit by my side
I'd sell the whole world to have you
  • 1. Literally: what became you
  • 2. Litrally: stick
  • 3. Don't be afraid
  • 4. your scarf
  • 5. it seems to me as if she was about to put on her scarf to leave
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Zur Marratan (زر مرّةً)