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I stare at the dark, on the flickering flames.
There’s a wildfire still burning somewhere in the steppe.
I see many lights, I see a roaring blaze.
It means that the beast is hiding right here.
I was chasing him for so long: many winters and days,
But I’ve found him in this very steppe.
I sense he’s near, I see eyes full of tears.
It means that this beast is beginning to fear.
I stare at the dark, on the flickering flames.
It means that the beast is somewhere near.
I know he’s awake, his pain is immense,
It is burning and boiling, this fire is intense.
I even can feel how pain rips through his chest,
He would roar, he would wheeze, I do know this scream.
I keep circling through the dark, where laughter is heard;
It means that now the beast has found his end.
I would not wait till morn to avoid seeing him,
As he wakes from his sleep to change from within.
I would not wait till morn to avoid wasting strength,
Just look at this star – from now on it’s yours.
Sparks dissolve in the night, stars do shine on the way.
I’m flying and this steppe makes me utterly sad.
He already sleeps tight, his pain is too sweet.
It won’t burn, it won’t boil, and the fire recedes.
When the morning will come, he would be on his way,
With the last light of stars he would join me today. [x2]
When the morning did come, the night didn’t stay,
It was not making threats, just departed away.
He was still sleeping tight, when a tremble so small
Has passed through his chest, rain has started to fall.
He was still sleeping tight, when the morning has come. [x5]
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Зверь (Zver')

IrulaIrula    Thu, 17/09/2020 - 19:03

Сильная песня, замечательный перевод!👍👏
Только я бы поставила запятую
I stare at the dark(,) on the flickering flames

Pinchus ZelenogorskyPinchus Zelenogorsky    Fri, 18/09/2020 - 01:07

Что-то текст с песней на видео не везде совпадает.

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