Itane mia fora (Ήτανε μια φορά) (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Once upon a time

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Once upon a time, my love, there was
a beautiful duchess, God bless you
A blond girl, who had married at a young age,
is waiting for her husband all day long
On a Saturday night, dear, on a Sunday
she's begging the sun, the moon
"Sun,moon enlighten him
Go to talk to him for me
He's wandering and sailing in the seas
He's killing and destroying the pirates
On the morning, in the night and during the rain
And he's leaving me alone and lonely"
A galley is sailing, my love, to the north
He got in a fight, my love, in an argument
In a pirate guild
I saw fire lighting up and murder
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Itane mia fora (Ήτανε μια φορά)