Секонд-хэнд (traducción al Inglés)

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Second Hand Shop

In my store everything is cheap
Buy my tears for 200 rubles
There's a whole section of emotions
And don't miss the shelf of desires
They all fell to me from life
It gave me them for free
They're enough for everyone and for all sorts of arts
Run quickly into the Second Hand shop of my feelings
So quickly they bought up all the tears
So quickly the anger ended
Take it all, I don't mind at all
But this will take you to the grave
Everything sold out so quickly
That I didn't notice how I'd become empty
But my life is going off the rails again
So soon a new shipment awaits you
Buy my soul, leave only a body
Buy my feelings, leave me pain
In my Second Hand shop you'll find what you want
But the only thing that's not sold here is love
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