Ferhat Göçer - Aşkların En Güzeli (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

The Most Beautiful One of the Beloved/ Lovers

You know the thing called hope is not easy
I think I have been mistaken after so many years
It's a lie, I would die rather than believe this
You said you'll find (someone else) after me
How many years are needed for you to come back to me
I feel so grieved that my soul has been worn out (I didn't translate mot a mot as it was idiom)
Believe me dear, you will miss (me) too (again)
Farewell, the most beautiful of the lovers
meet you one day
My skin wraps around your belly, touches you again
Maybe one day I will return (this sentence didnt make sense to me (the day moves....I'll return)
Unknown heart of mine that will be empty
I've promised you, I won't leave until I die
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Aşkların En Güzeli

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