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traducción al Inglés


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the common things in life
aren't missed
only the memories that make us hurt
or those which make us smile
there are people who stay in story
in our (life) story
and others who's name
we don't even remember to have heard
these are the emotions that bring life
the "saudade" that I carry with me
those (emotions) that I had with you
and that by the end I've lost
There are days
that seal our soul and life
and the one that you've left me I can’t forget
The rain wet my face
(that was) frozen and tired
the streets of the city
I've already crossed
ai... my cry of lost young girl
screamed to the city
that the fire of love
under the rain
had just died
the rain heard and kept silence
(about) my secret to the city
and then it knocks on the window
bringing "saudade"
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