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Fais-moi mal Johnny (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al InglésInglés

Fais-moi Mal Johnny

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he stood up when I approached him
once up he was really smaller
I thought to myself, "it's in the bag!"
That cutie he's for my bed
He came up to my shoulder
but he was very well built
he followed me until my shack
and I shouted, go on Wolfy
hurt me Johnny
fly me to the sky, zoom
hurt me Johnny
I like the love that goes "boom"!
he was only wearing his socks
nice yellow ones with blue stripes
he looked at me with a silly eye
he understood nothing, the poor one
he told me with a sorrowfull face
I woudn't hurt anyone not even a fly
he was bugging my, i slapped him
and I squaeked with an angry face..
hurt me Johnny..
I'm not a fly, zoom
I like the love that goes "boom"!
seeing that he did not become horny
I wildely insulted him
I called him all the names on Earth= I insulted him with all the bad existing words on Earth
and many more others less common
that wake him up abruptely
and he told me " come off it!"
you really think I'm a dead loss?
I will give you some "serie noire" (=thriller)
you're hurting me Johnny
No, not with feet.. zing
you're hurting me
I dont' like love that goes "bang"
he put on his little shirt
his li'l suit, his li'l shoes
I went down the stairs
letting me with a dislocated shoulder
for thugs this type
it wasn't worth making an effort
Now I got bruises all over my buttocks
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Publicado por nicoloconicoloco el 2008-01-10

Fais-moi mal Johnny

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