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Ich und Elaine

Me and Elaine
She is my party captain
She takes me everywhere
And this song is for her
Sie wei? alles uber mich
Ich wei? alles uber sie
Sheriff and Deputy
Ohne die andere geht es nicht
Das Institut
erklart wir tun uns beide gut
Mit ihr ist alles angenehm
Sie hat mein Herz und ich hab ihr's
We are female musketeers
She is my doctor
Gets me happy and well
I am there for her
(I) am her cat and her dog
lie under the table skrieking (meaning that they have good time together)
What one experiences with her
Others will not experience this
From the outside it can’t be seen
We come from the same origin (Ei = egg, meaning that they are very much alike) I'm the blue and she's the sky
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Ich und Elaine

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