Mahmut Ferati - Netët pa babin (traducción al Inglés)


Netët pa babin

shkoi edhe nje dit e na la ne ter
nje nan me nje djal gjumi nshpi si mer
tuj qa ne dritare ka mbet djali i vogel
sonte e du babin se du asnje loder
mos gjetsha chka me shkru kto fjal me laps as leter
djali i pi lotet baba dichka tjeter
edhe sonte babi shetit kafenet
edhe sonte djali nuk mundet me fjet
koha esht si shpata dhe njerzit i pret
mjer ai qe sgjen koh per femit e vet
edhe sonte babi vech me nanen jam
hajde ri me mu se tjeter bab skam
zemra jote e vogel chdo nat esht tuj prit
hajde ri me mu se shaum jam merzit
mos gjet chka me tshkru kto fjal as laps as later
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traducción al Inglés

The nights without daddy

he left also this day, and left us in the dark
one mother and one son cannot fall asleep in the house
the young son has stood still while crying at the window
tonight i want daddy, i don't want any toys
lit: i couldn't find what to write these words to you with neither pen neither paper
the son drinks his tears, and the father something else
also tonight, daddy is at the kafes/bars
also tonight, his son is unable to sleep
time is like a sword, that cuts people
pity those who don't find time for their own children
also tonight, daddy, i am alone only with mom
come and stay with me, because i don't have another dad
each night we wait for that small heart of yours
come and stay with me because i am very sad/bored
(i couldn't write down my feelings)
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