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Primavera Anticipada

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ı don't assume
anything of what ı am
neither the slightest beat, now not
so much oxigen ı
see around me
a clear symptom
in this early spring
that increase and
the good inside me
ahhahah ı know
you're my horizon my dawn
ahahah the proof that
demonstrate what can be done
from the beginning unil the end
you see, ı don't need you
so logical, reciprocal
in this early spring
ı like it, yeah, makes me live again
ahh ı kknow
you're my horizon ,my dawn
ahahahahha the proof that
demonstrate what you can do
flowers, a mosaic of colors
mistakes, today heal better in me
no doubt you'll be the architect
in this spring tha already came, came
ı feel around me
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Primavera anticipada

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