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Letra de Va, pensiero

Va, pensiero, sull'ali dorate;
va, ti posa sui clivi, sui colli
ove olezzano tepide e molli
l'aure dolci del suolo natal!
Del Giordano le rive saluta,
di Sionne le torri atterrate.
Oh, mia patria sì bella e perduta!
Oh, membranza sì cara e fatal!
Arpa d'or dei fatidici vati,
perché muta dal salice pendi?
Le memorie nel petto raccendi,
ci favella del tempo che fu!
O simile di Solima ai fati
traggi un suono di crudo lamento,
o t'ispiri il Signore un concento
che ne infonda al patire virtù!


sunbeingsunbeing    Sáb, 21/05/2011 - 11:44

va pensiero sounds to me like the quest for the revelation of a secret between God's Children and he.

The song tells Pensionero to take flight on golden wings over the mountains and over the oceans where he will find the place that children go every night after listening to this lullaby.

The lullaby in this song refers to life cycle- of birth, youth and old age. The children are the elders. Night refers to aged or late in lifeor even death.

It is Pensionero's job is to find out where it is that they go when they die and leave this physical world.

Perhaps pensionero is to find the fountain of youth? or, perhaps pensionero is to find the secret to where this particular kind of people (people with pure souls) are found.

The song says "there you will find the heroes protecting their innocense because their simple souls are so pure and wonderful."

This could symbolize that heroes are special angels from God or guardian angels.

The song says "they are alive and protecting their innocence."

This could symbolize these angels as being fierce with depth and wisdom

The song says "let this dream carry on for all night long."

The dream could symbolize an advantage that who ever is commanding pensiero as having over these children and they really dont want it to end. They dont want to lose this advantage so they want the dream to go on.

I will stop here

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