Tamer Hosny - Yana Yana (يانا يانا) (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Yana Yana

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O me O me
O me O me
O me O me and O me O me
Finally I noticed
and it never came into my mind (I couldn't imagine)
And I was asking myself what's wrong with your looks
they are abnormal
When you see me, you're totally changed
I know now you likes and admire me
and Although you're beautiful and nice and you have the prettiest characters
and although you're really the most beautiful one among all the girls
my heart is busy (I'm in love with someone else)
and Ilove some one else
may be she's not pretty as you are but I fond of here
O me O me
O me O me
O me O me and O me O me
you've missed something
I promised her
and that it's impossible to live without her
and I will never betray or cheat in all my life
keep your beauty to someone else but not me
coz she fills my life( I can't ever never live without her)
If i tell you about her may be words
will not help me to explain my love
If you try again to make me love you
your charm will not
your charm will not avoid me to love her
I'm heres and she's mine.
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Yana Yana (يانا يانا)