Stromae - Alors on danse (traducción al Inglés)


Alors on danse

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traducción al Inglés

so we dance

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So we dance... (x3)
When we say study, it's work
When we say work, it's cash
When we say money, it's spending
When we say credit, it's borrowing
When we say debt, it's the bailiff
Yes, it's being in deep shit.
When we say love, it's kids,
Say forever and it's divorce.
Who says family, means sorrow
As problems never come alone.
We say crisis and mean everyone, famine, the Third World
Say fatigue and mean waking up, dulled from the night
So we go out to forget all problems.
So... we dance (X9)
Then you think it's over because worse than that would be death.
When you finally think you can make it
Then there's more, and yet more!
Is there music ["'zik"] or problems,
problems or really just music?
You get cramps, you get a headache,
you pray for it to stop
but it's your body, not heaven,
so you just cover your ears shut and
and scream louder... but it doesn't stop.
so... we sing.
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala,
so... we sing.
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala.
So we sing (X2)
And then, only when it’s over... (we just dance)
So we dance (x7)
And there we go again! (x5)
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Comentarios del autor:

I translated Alors on danse as So we dance, So... we dance, or So we just dance. Qui / On translates best as impersonal 1st person ("we" or passive voice).

"Est-ce la zik ou les problemes" -- "zik" is "music", especially in the context of the next line.

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