Emilio el Moro - Amigo conductor (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Driver friend

To all the drivers
let my voice be your company
when you go jumping
through all the potholes of Spain
And I say to unclet Cristobal
who doesn't remember the wine
that Perico, the other day
has killed thrity pigs.
Driver, be very careful
The blonde is dangerous
expecting you is your mother-in-law and wife
to pay the TV bill
Driver, be very careful
Your enemy is behind you
Three kids want you to yield
with one of six cilinders
who got stolen already.
If a shameless passes you
who the risk challenges
you throw him the clippers
and break his teeth.
And if is long the journey
never leave suddenly,
because you reach home
with all the cranks melted.
Caution, driver friend
here comes a rookie
he killed three cats and a mule
and he has it fastened on the hood.
Driver, be very careful
the saturday men come over here.
Think on your kids
and buy some honey fitters
while passing by Alcalá.
My parody,
to my driver friend
I dedicate my parody.
If we crash
we'll see each other in heaven
all covered in cotton.
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Amigo conductor

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