Anamız Babamız Yok Deriz (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut
  • Canción: Anamız Babamız Yok Deriz
  • Traducciones: Inglés
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We Can Say We're Orphans

Mom's reaction, afraid of dad, big brother's judgement
The neighbourhood's pressure, the neighbor's eye, all of them can go and...*
Which one should I run from? Where should I hide?
So my uncle saw it? My aunt heard it? My grandpa heard it too
My grandma is upset, my other grandma spew...
...All the hatred and anger inside. She doesn't care about anything anymore
When you can just live without caring about others,
I can't even sleep because I think too much
What if they catch us, while making love behind the door?
What if someone see us, while secretly kissing in the hallway?
We can say, "We're orphans!"**
We can say, "We don't have a home, we don't have a country!"
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Publicado por theoutsidetheoutside el Mar, 20/06/2017 - 13:40
Comentarios del autor:

*That's not exactly what he's saying but, well, he was about to curse and that's the best I can come up with Teeth smile

** "We can say, 'We're orphans!'"
The exact translation would be "We don't have a mother or a father" but in the song he's actually trying to say "We're orphans, no one owns us, you can't judge us, we're free"
I mean, that's my interpretation... I suggest you watch the music video.


Anamız Babamız Yok Deriz

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