Zabranjeno pušenje - Anarhija all over Baščaršija (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Anarchy all over Bascarcija

Sejo is feeling great today,
Last night he beated the hippie on the street,
The kid used hands to cover his face,
but still he got punched to the kidneys
Sejo is struggling a bit while thinking,
but last night he did not get fooled by chick,
two slaps she got instantly
when she lied about her period.
Anarchy all over Bascarsija
Sejo is feeling great today,
Sejo likes Hanka and Saban,
That "A" on the walls gets on his nervs,
Sejo beated the hippie last night,
Sejo is a hero from Vratnik.
New Primitives all over Bascarsija
Sejo detest the West. (2x)
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Anarhija all over Baščaršija

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