By and by

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Significado de "By and by"


before long; eventually; sooner or later; in time; in a while.

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Постепенно; вскоре; в конце концов.

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Kasnije, uskoro. Vremenom. Kako vreme odmiče.

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"By and by" en letras

Goblin (OST) - Hush

Our days be like a blossom
Blooming all around you so bright
By and by, I’ll miss you
and your laugh like a sunshine

Christmas Carols - Mary's Boy Child

By and by them find a little nook
In a stable all forlorn,
And in a manger cold and dark,
Mary's little boy was born.

French Children Songs - There Was a Little Ship

Ohé, ohé…

They took them and fried them
The young ca-ca-cabin boy was saved

Arijit Singh - Oh my flame

I shall wait on the dripped roads for thou.
I shall increase my interest by and by in thou.

Zed Bazi - Summer is short

I saw seven o clock in the morning every day with you/your body soft and as color as chocolate
I wasn’t release you from my body/ your body was hottest than sauna
Leaves are shed but there is dead wood yet/ by and by must pack bag
Have to come back to our homes bag on hand/ only thing has remained is a memory

Song of the Sea (OST) - Song of the Sea (Lullaby)

Castles in the sand
Cradles in the trees
Don't cry, I'll see you by and by

M.G. Sreekumar - O Dishonest Koel

The little bird1 who loved the crow
stood unsure what to believe,
and by and by started crying in her weakness.
And in the blue garden you rustled your spotted feathers

  • 1. Kaavalam painkili seems to be the common myna. Unsure.

Albert E. Brumley & Sons - Ich fliege weg

Ich fliege weg, mein Gott
Ich fliege weg (am Morgen)
Wenn ich sterbe, halleluja by and by*

Asha Bhosle - Gentleman, forgive me

But there is no need to be afraid by anyone.
Have your hands to my hands; a theft.
Get the hands in the hands and hold them.
You take out the one from the hands.

John W. Peterson - I've a Home Beyond the River

Tho the hills are rough and stony,
and the valleys dark and cold,
I must walk the path before me,

Jacques Brel - Ne Me Quitte Pas

As you dance and grin,
Hear as you perfect
Songs and laugh again.
Let me be the twin

Shahin Najafi - aleh

and a bunch of viewers!

It burnt and kept its silence
It grown up with the catastrophe

The Beach Boys - Kokomo

Afternoon delight,
Cocktails and moonlit nights
That dreamy look in your eye,

Depeche Mode - I Feel You

You take me home
To glory's throne
By and by

Idina Menzel - Hope

(Only hope)
Only hope can keep the clouds
From hiding the moon and the stars

Maná - If you wouldn't have left

If you wouldn't have left, I would be so happy

The people go by and by and always the same
The rhythm of life seems wrong to me

Angelo Kelly & Family - I'll Tell Me Ma

Snow comes tumblin' from the sky
She's as nice as apple pie
She'll get a fellow by and by

Freundeskreis - Esperanto

the times will change with this new sound
and if you like this sound here
amikaro and Déborah
it's just the beginning, you can count on that

Edyta Bartosiewicz - It's So Hard

on my naked body.
The taste of coffee wakes you up,
and minutes pass by and by.
The thoughts are a weight more heavy

Vladimir Vysotsky - Ballad of childhood

And at the end, where they should, they empted.

The children of the former superiors and majors
Have risen to dangerous heights.