Anlatmalıymış Meğer (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Apparently She Should Have Told

I saw you last night again
Under a pure white rain
As if it wasn't a dream
You were looking into my eyes and smiling
Every single rain drop was a sorrow
And you became a tear drop on my eye
Enough, more of this means death to me
Don't come into my nights anymore
A wind blows from that days
Your hopes abandons you
Hides that glances from you
A completely dark sorrow
(A completely dark sorrow hides that glances from you )
Worth of share with the life
If you had a secret that only you know
(If you had a secret which worth of share with life)
With the way screaming against everything
Apparently she should have told
(Apparently she should have told that secret with a loud voice and without hiding anything)
I don't go Istiklal ( a popular avenue in Istanbul/Turkey) anymore
In the mornings Miss Fatma wakes me up
(She gave me) halvah, bread, tea, they take care of me
The room is miserable, I am miserable
There is nobody tampers me
Once in a while I look from balcony
When basils withered, it was January
I am waiting for spring
I couldn't know what was it
I still have a hope
My eyes are caught by bottles
It would be greath if I could make it
I am this person in these days, I am in that so called mourning poem
There is your smiling on one side, and a bloody knife of you on my back
In a scream that you would never hear
And if you would,still you wouldn't understand
That I'm collecting for you
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Anlatmalıymış Meğer

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