Subway to Sally - Aufstieg (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés


We have ascended so high,
as high as eagles fly.
Up here the air is thin and cold,
no human being ever has been up here.
Up here, where the stars rampage,
where ice whips us with steely violence.
We walk on a narrow ridge,
we don't follow any path,
we ascend higher still.
The air takes on color,
tastes like metal in our mouths.
Blood rushes in our heads,
we ascend higher still.
Ascend to the sun.
The lame leads the blind,
we don't search, we find,
and with that, we progress further still.
Century after century,
wounded and wondering,
and time is nothing more but a word to us.
Since long, we are alone up here,
neither friend nor brother catching up.
We make our way through untouched snow,
the light burning in our eyes.
Sometimes, doubt plagues us in our sleep,
but nothing ever led us astray.
We ascend higher and higher still, to the sun.
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