Marie-Mai - Avec elle (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

With Her

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I sense it when you're gone
But I stay with you
Its always there like a presence
But I stay with you
It's her that I see in your eyes
It's me who is between us two
She gives, she wrecks me
Always in your arms
Take me, forgive me
When you come back and make me suffer
I give but you want everything
You burn my wings
Every time you leave
With her
I know you love her too
But its stronger than mine
The good makes up for the wounds
When I am with you
It's her who makes your eyes shine
It's me who is between us two
(Repeat Chorus)
When time takes you and revisits
It brings you to me once again
When times takes you it takes me with you
(Chorus x 2)
.... With her X 4
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Go Marie Mai :-)