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bad chick

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I say yes, yes, yes you're the beautifulst woman in the world
and no it is okay if you'll order this
You can have it, if you like this house
I can't say it, i'm afraid
because my chick is so bad, so bad, so bad
'cause my chick is so bad, so bad, so bad
my chick is so bad
Verse 1:
ey no matter what time i'm always to late
The guy on the couch who is always sleeping
always yawns, always misses
ey boys im sorry its about time to say it
i visited last month this woman
we were out for dinner, had a randezvous
anyway she is my girlfriend now
and i wont close a eye when im sleeing at hers
bur not because of the sex, im scared (of her)
because she is forcing me and says you're coming with me (to me)
and then she is telling me something about a clique
that everyone is informed that i'm coming out with her
she says lets be a couple
i would like to run but the locks me out
and i would be her Ken, her fairytale
please, please can you please go to sleep at first
shit, everything is turning around you
angeline, brad pitt, guys believe me im scared
because my chick is so bad, so bad, so bad
my chick is so bad, so bad, so bad
my chick is so bad, so bad, so bad
my chick is so bad, so bad, so bad
my chick is so bad
verse 2:
she is so bad, ey, she steals my petrol
she dosn't want that i leave, pinch stuff from my bank
makes my alarm ring 3 hours later
ey, you hve to believe me, this shit is true
she has my mobile and won't give it back
no don't call it's locked
and she also sellt my mac
i think thats the reason why you can't get in contact with me
and i missed my flight
but i'm standing with more than one feet in jail
a few days ago i was chilling alone in her flat
the the cops came in and said: We're searching for something
i said: crazy, i'm locked in herei think her name is janine and i don't know more. an everything inside this flat dosn't belong to me."
but this guys didn't believe me
shit, 30 kilo cocain, but i'm not even smoking
boys believe me, I'm scared
-are you still sleeping?
"me or who?"
-oh man, this can't be real. dude, that's sick, you're always to late.
"wait a second, you won't believe me but last night. more than grazy. you know this girl from... ah no, you don't know her. but dosn't matter. anyway..."
-always this dub excuses, some girls. your always get that shit in your mind.
"but wait a second, she is real, why should i made her up?"
-first your dug ran away, than you missed the train
"yeah i know, that story wasn't real but this story is real."
-every normal person can be in time.
"yeah man but she is turning off my alarm"
"It isn't my fault that she is turning my alarm from 9 o'clock to 10 or 11."
-please, just grow up.
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