Dado Polumenta - Balkan (Балкан) (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

I love Balkan

OK party people
It's me, baby, MC Yankoo
We're gonna get the party started right now
With my man MC Stojan and DJ Mladja
Brat Dado, we're gonna get the groove on
Oh yeah, are you ready, oh yeah
One, two, three
Throw it up for Balkan
Baby, that's the new sound
After banned video "Kuku lele"
I realized that women want me even more
They all say - whip me, come on, hurry up
I still fill up all the clubs.
Chorus 2x
On my skin Balkan tatoo
In my heart mother that gave me life
I`m feeling nostalgic
I`m drawn to our people and our music.
One, two, three
Clubs wait for me, Europe calls
To all four sides of the sky and new women too
But ours are the most beautiful of all.
Chr. 2x
I love Balkan
I love Balkan
I love Balkan
Throw it up for Balkan
Baby, that's the new sound
On my skin Balkan tatooed
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Balkan (Балкан)

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