Balkanski Tango (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Balkan tango

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This life here’s a dream,
a small house by the ramp,
lots of pale lamps and loads of sorrow;
unfortunately, a nightmare,
the father an alcoholic,
the mother with an ironing board-
portraying the misery.
He had to do everything all by himself,
his finger easy on the trigger,
the hurricane within his heart,
and a tractor truck. He was 22 but
he already had it all, that's when he spotted her:
[Refrain: 3 verses]
I'm crazy about you, duckling,
but I'm crazy anyways,
I'm hunting for you since I know myself
be my buddy, kitten, it’s not easy
to spend this huge amount of money all alone.
Someone's told me
that there might not be tomorrow,
So it’s better to try everything today,
a few pennies are enough for you to buy me,
go on, spread those wild blackberries of yours ( lips, kisses)
I'm crazy about you,
but these are crazy times,
and I'll saddle the fear for both of us, as well,
and you, you just keep on kissing me like that,
till my last breath.
And she, a countryside lily,
on a night bus from Provence,
miss no chance, yet good fortuned,
enters the scene, dad’s a education mouse ( means, a teacher with small incomes)
mom's worn-out velvet, sister's ugly like hell.
He was her type;
the first night in a two-seater,
and the next in a three-seater,
and the third, er, third ...
Well let everyone blow away,
once her young Don ( like Don Juan)
put her right onto the throne,
like a cherry on the icing.
Again an evil "deja vu",
damp morning wet as a fisherman... and a professional hit
perpetrators unknown,
the obituary two full pages,
the mafia and the security service grieve over him together.
The balkan tango always ends up on the pavement,
the devil has entered the chalk outlines
she walks slowly down the old street,
looking for a wealthy sponsor..
While the pendulum is ticking away
to the rhythm of walking, counting ticks ,
while being obsereved as if she were a delicious ham
she mutters a chorus somehow known:
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Balkanski Tango