Đorđe Balašević - Balkanski Tango (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Balkan Tango

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This life here’s a dream
a hut by the bankside
with lots of pale lamplight and sorrow too.
too pity; nightmarish dream
dad's an infamous drunk
mom with an iron plank
portraying the grief
He is a self made man.
his finger on the trigger,
a heart full of vigor to reach for the rainbow
boat, trailer; and by twenty and two
all he wished too, that's when he saw her
[Chorus: next 3 verses]
I'm nuts about you baby
but I am too crazy
you're the one I was craving all of my life
be my hon, daisy, together just maybe
we'll spend this cold cash which is rife
Someone has told me
there might not be any tomorrow;
it’s better to try out everything now,
few pennies can make me yours
these cherry lips will be my main course.
I'm nuts about you,
but these here times are crazy,
I'll rein the fear for both of us ,
as long as you kiss me thus,
till the day I will pass.
And she, countryside bloom,
on a night bus from Provence,
miss not even one chance, yet with a good fortune,
enters the scene, dad’s a small-time teach
mom's a worn-out peach, sister's ugly like hell.
He sure was her type;
first night in a two-seater,
the next in a three-seater,
and third one, er, third one ...
Let the world go boom,
when her young don alone
sat her right on the throne,
like a cherry on top.
One more ill déjà vu
morning damp as a peat hag... professional hitman
unknown perpetrator,
obituary, two full pages apiece
mafia and police grieve both over him.
The balkan tango always ends up on the pavement,
the devil has entered the chalk line and stills
and she is amplying down the street in debasement,
looking for sponsor loaded to the gills
While the clock taps in the
rhythm of walking, counting moments
and while she's eaten by hungry eyes,
like juicy steak to the bone
she murmurs a chorus somewhat known
(Chorus 3rd verse)
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Balkanski Tango